Our Pets

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  Margaret   June 6, 1993-June 12, 2003

She was a wonderful St. Bernard.  A very kind and yet protective dog.  Miss her a lot!

  Margaret's Jack Benny look.  Priceless.  And she always tucked her right paw when laying down.


            Whenever Margaret wore her Bronco socks, the Broncos would win.  Go figure.


Muffy,  1984-2002

I am not a cat fan, but Muffy was a great addition to the family.  She lived incognito for a period of time and seemed to do well with that.  She was a tortoise shell, small (about 8 or 9 pounds max).



Phoebe,  April 10, 1998-

Our terrific English Bulldog who came to us via a rescue situation.  She has been a joy with all of her funny sounds, snoring, snorting, and flatulent activity. 


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Phoebe playing with rope        timfeeb.JPG (125102 bytes)


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phoebes.JPG (115454 bytes)

feebsface.JPG (166505 bytes)  feebsbelly.JPG (114539 bytes)  feebsandtim2.JPG (113203 bytes)  feebsandtim.JPG (112145 bytes)   After we had Phoebe's gears stripped (spayed, for those of you without a sense of humor), she packed on over 20 pounds fairly quickly and it was rough getting it off.  After awhile, you feel guilty how much you are NOT feeding your dog.  She also was having problems walking due to arthritis setting in.  So, the vet decided to put her on a relatively new drug called Slenderol to help her lose the weight.  It worked with very few side effects, the most common one was vomiting occasionally, which bullies do anyway so who can tell if it was a true side effect.  Her highest weight was 80 pounds, and is now down to 59 1/2 pounds, which is ideal for her.


Phoebe also has a Jack Benny look.






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